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Grissel Red dress

Grissel Red dress

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Description: Semi-transparent body-length red dress with one sleeve and scarf-type neck, timeless and modern elegance. With nude leggings.

Long red dress semi-transparent body fit, with sleeve design, one long sleeve and the other short T-shirt type, the neck simulates a discreet and elegant scarf. The fabric is a lycra spandex that will make your silhouette stand out, whether you are petite or curvy, in addition to being a soft and semi-transparent fabric in which you will feel free to move, like a second skin. It becomes very comfortable and practical because it does not have a zipper. Accompanied by a nude leggin.

You can wear it in a daring way with only underwear or a little more conservative using the nude leggings that comes with.

Style: Cosmopolitan, elegant and timeless long dress, its design and fabric will make you feel sexy, free, empowered and elegant. If you have a daring spirit and the event allows it, you can wear it with or without underwear, and if your personality or the event is rather conservative, we suggest you wear it with the included nude leggings.

Suitable for going to a cocktail day, pool party, garden party, cocktail party, red carpet, club, special dinner, even casual; suitable for use in all 4 seasons of the year.

 Color: red

Composition: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex

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