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Nub dress

Nub dress

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Description: Bodycon dress, below the knee with a sexy opening on the right leg, in spandex fabric with an elegant satin texture.

This design favors the diverse feminine silhouettes. It is lined with soft and comfortable fabric for a perfect detail making it formal and somewhat conservative.

The sleeve is mid-arm adding formality and elegance to the design. No zipper garment, which makes it very comfortable and practical, and it does not lose its shape when you put it on even after a wash. It fits perfectly to your silhouette.

Style: Casual-formal-elegant dress for cosmopolitan women. Due to its design, color and fabric, it becomes a timeless garment to wear in almost all kinds of occasions, from a formal event to an informal one, depending on how you wear it and combine it with footwear and accessories.

Use it with sneakers to give it formality, with sandals for comfort and freshness and with sneakers to give it joviality and modernity. Wear it with ankle boots to impose your style.

Suitable for going to a cocktail day, party, club, special casual dinners or brunch, shopping spree, casual walk around the city, parks, malls and streets. Suitable to wear in all 4 seasons of the year.

Color: Silver metallic

Composition 92% Polyester 8% Spandex

Note: Fabric photo have no filter

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